A Mustard Seed


I'm thankful that when I ask God for something with faith like a mustard seed, he doesn't answer in kind. Periodically, I pray that God will help me connect better with my son Jonathan. Because he is on the autism spectrum and non-verbal, I don't always "feel" the connection. But today after picking up his new glasses, we went to the grocery store together. For any of you who know how impulsively he grabs food, you can imagine the challenge.... In any case, he was very well behaved! He helped me push the cart and let me keep my arms around him to help push. He sat down a few times when he was tired but got back up right away without a big struggle. He only grabbed a plastic container of granola, and I was able to get it back from him without a wrestling match. I'd say that single incident, without granola flying through the air is right up there with the parting of the Red Sea:)! One way he expresses emotion is to "lean into" you when you're close, but sometimes he's too wound up to do so. Today he was able to be affectionate, and was calm. These might seem like little things, but for an autistic child, they're a big deal. As I stood in the check-out line, I kept thinking, "We did it, Jonathan! Thank you, Lord!" Little moments building bigger faith - God listens when you pray.