Radiant Beams

radiant dreams.jpg

This is happy Jonathan. There's just nothing like this sweetness. Nothing. With the holidays came gatherings. This was at a baby shower given for Lexi Bryant Tavaniand Nicholas Tavani in preparation for our FIRST GRANDCHILD!!!!!!! It's been a tremendous gift to see Jonathan calmly enjoy social time with his family. We spent an entire afternoon in conversation with long time friends this past Sunday. With the exception of one unfortunate episode at the end (when I should have picked up on his restless cues) he cuddled near me at I played with his toes, beaming throughout the day (who wouldn't after a great meal at Katerina's Greek Restaurant?), radiating the joy of the good fellowship and earnest conversation he sensed. Today I came home early from work, exhausted, and was treated to more sunbeams as he enjoyed his after school snack. It's in moments like these I experience afresh the power of God's love, pure and strong. Angel means messenger…. “Radiant beams from heaven afar. Heavenly hosts sing Alleluia.” God comes near in the form of this simple sweet boy, Jonathan. God's gift, God's blessing. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jesus, for these fleeting glimpses of eternity. Sometimes now. Someday, forever, in Your presence.

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