Jonathan Beams

A smiley Jonathan radiates sunbeams, exudes contagious joy. Saturday I straggled out of bed later than usual.  Concerned, I hurried to Jonathan’s room to find him sitting on his bed, beaming. Just beaming. Surrounded by his colorful wall murals ala Jackson Pollack, enjoying the light streaming into his room.  On to breakfast, same oatmeal as usual, but boy oh boy, oatmeal! Every meal means a journey of anticipation down the hallway to the kitchen. Time in front of the fire while Mommy and Daddy work on some music, then swimming.  Round and round the circle whirlpool, children screaming, bright colored swimmies and suits, slide, does it get better? Home again with Mommy and Daddy, seemingly content just to meander round the house in our presence. Then joy of joys, the bright pink La Croix can at dinner!  Days like this are a wonder. Such pure pleasure from sound, color, music and movement. At times, Jonathan’s whole being seems attuned to beauty that I overlook. Who is the gifted one? Jesus’ words, “From the lips of children have I ordained praise” and “Unless you become as a little child, you cannot enter the kingdom of God” become clear as I watch my son. Jonathan means  “Gift of God.” You are. You are. Your delight is contagious, laughter spills over, pure love mingles between us. You pull me higher, teach me to be content in the presence of the One in whom there is fullness of joy, forever. Praise to Jesus who created you so perfectly, to lead us all. Precious Jonathan, precious gift.

Donna TavaniComment