Joy in the Moment

Jonathan playing the bowls, 2015, cropped.jpg

Last year launched my post hands-on Mom phase for all but our dear Jonathan as our fifth son Matthew embarked on his college career. With a mixture of dread and prayerful anticipation the incurable dreamer in me hoped for some monumental vision to fill the next two decades with purpose and meaning. The first year I wandered through needed house projects as we settled into our smaller home. I love creating a welcoming space, but days spent by and for myself wasn’t enough.

As it often happens, God’s plan sneaks up on you, and now I find myself managing my husband Nick’s medical practice. Neither glamorous nor glorious by my original standard. So glad I didn’t get what I wanted. Cause I’m learning it’s about joy in the moment. God’s presence right now as a I smile and joke with a funny patient or meet a small need efficiently for a sick patient. God chipping away at my impatience with phone representatives. (He’s got me in a corner on this one because younger employees are watching.) By the way, Jonathan lives this -- Stephen and Nicholas played together in a New Orchestra of Washington performance of Mozart’s Requiem last weekend. Their view of the balcony gave witness to Jonathan jumping up and down to the Dies Irae - exciting stuff! Anyway, small moments--coming home. I appreciate even more the time with Jonathan, and tonight was special. At his teacher’s suggestion and to my surprise and delight, I’ve been reading chapter books to Jonathan. Chapter books! Just the fact that he’s able to sit through a book of that length and complexity is cause for joy. Another way to connect with Jonathan that we both enjoy. Cause for joy. When I arrived home tonight, he was ready for bed so we read a chapter from Henry Huggins. Listening intently in his rocking chair, he soon plopped into bed, where I snuggled him under his covers. The smile on this boy’s face when gets into bed is priceless. He has a funny habit of almost hanging his head off the edge of the bed, so I sat on the floor near him and held up the pictures at eye level. Nodded off a few times myself but we soldiered through. And then I looked over. Sweet Jonathan, head on hands, was fast asleep. A gift of sleep for our boy whose body sometimes won’t let him settle down. The joy of beholding his peaceful darling face. Joy in the moment. Thank you, Jesus.

Psalm 16:11 You will make known to me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy.


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