The little things

Buckling Jonathan in for his daily ride to school, I go nose to nose to catch his glance.  Today he looks right into my eyes. Thank you, Lord. “Bye, Jonathan! Have a good day at school today. Mommy loves you!” Some days, I’m rewarded with a smile.  Often he looks rather solemn. Do my words mean anything to him? Lately, though, he tilts his head ever so slightly towards me. Our foreheads touch. A little thing. Actually, huge. Jonathan, expressing affection spontaneously. A shaft of light escapes the black box of unknowing that is life with a nonverbal child.

After his workout in the big pool, Jonathan and I head to a small round enclosed area in the children’s pool. A current carries him round and round - he leans forward in a half doggy paddle, gravity and momentum pulling him faster and faster. Suddenly a gaggle of squealing eight year old girls in brightly patterned swimsuits plunge into the current. A huge grin spreads over his face. For a boy who doesn’t engage easily one on one, this young man lights up in a chaotic, noisy crowd. Blame it on 5 older rowdy brothers. Bright colors? His favorite. Infectious joy. Irresistible. Transitory, yes. A little thing, I suppose. Yet etched in mind as precious treasure.  

Recently,  niggling “little” concerns about the future had amassed and begun to erode my joy. Yet these fleeting moments....Suffer the little children to come to me, for such is the Kingdom of God.  Jonathan, you show me a better way. You celebrate, you love, unfettered by worries about tomorrow. A living reminder of what simple trust looks like. Jonathan, God’s gift. Thank you God, for your good gift to me.

Donna TavaniComment