Special Needs Special Joy

Discover joy in the journey as you meet special challenges in your life



Do you or the ones you love
face special challenges in life?

Challenges that might not go away? Join me on a journey to joy, love and hope, as I share not just victories,
but God right there in the hard places. Especially in the hard places.

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Writer, musician/songwriter, teacher, Mom of six sons and wife of renaissance man Dr. Nick Tavani,  Donna began to write about raising her sixth son, Jonathan, and realized she had a story to tell.  A story of Jesus in midst of the mess. Of the struggle.   Revealed in a boy some see as weak,  flawed.  Shining brightly in the dark places. Finding joy.  Jonathan. Born with Down Syndrome, later diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum, this is a story for anyone who faces challenges that might not go away.  And wants to grow with them.

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